Preparing for your Child’s Smash Cake Photo Session

I always speak with  the parents in advance of a session to see if they have a particular vision for their babies smash cake session. Together we coordinate backdrops and outfits. I have some headbands, tutus’ and bloomers if the parents just couldn’t find the right thing.   It is important to know the outfit ahead of time so that backdrops/props/location can coordinate with the look that the parent is going after.  If the parents decide to go for diaper only, a diaper cover is something to consider.It is best for the parents to make or purchase the cake as it will help keep costs down. I like a white cake ( please use whip cream as it makes a better mess and is easier to clean up)  with some colorful accents. A number candle is a great addition and something for the baby to play with and use while smashing.

I like to start with a clean baby and a different backdrop then the one we will be using for smash cake. It gives the baby a chance to get used to the camera and me. I make it fun so the baby thinks this is a great game. I have this big orange orangutan that hangs with velcro around my neck and works nicely to get the babies attention.

Finally we get to the main event, the smash cake! Some babies will dig in and smash with great enthusiasm  while others will daintily with one finger dip into the cake and gently lick their finger. If that is the case a little encouragement is offered up. I will even have Mom smear some of the frosting on the baby to get things going. Some babies think this is hysterical others get a quzzical look on their faces. Patience. Patience Patience and I have lots of it.

I have quite a selection of backdrops to choose from but for the floor I use a white plastic tablecloth that way at the end I simply roll it all up in the table cloth and into the trash it goes.
I am lucky enough to have a full bathroom close to the studio so at the end we scoop the baby up in a towel and into the bath they go. This is also another chance to get some amazing head shots.

Isla 2

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