Family Reunions and Birthday Celebrations Photographed

Summer time is the perfect time of year for Family Reunions! It is also the perfect time to get those hard to get family portraits. I have already booked several for this summer so if you are  reading this and the light bulb just went off in your head. Give me a call and lets get you booked!

Some awesome ideas are to have everyone wear the same color shirt. Going a step farther you could have those shirts printed with the title of the  folks to be photographed, such as Dad, Mom, Grandpa, Grandma, daughter, son, grand kid etc. It could make for a very original photo. Or have everyone wear a different color shirt. Your group shot will look like a box of crayons! You are also welcome to dress up. Whatever you wear just keep it simple as we want the viewer of your photographs to be drawn to your faces not what you are necessarily wearing.

When I work with large families I also break then down into smaller groups so that everyone walks away with that treasured photograph.

You can hire your photographer to come in just for the posed shots or why not have them for the day to capture all those amazing candids.

One of the products I offer is a 12×12 custom designed, printed and bound photo album. Each album I design is an original I do not use templates.  Just imagine everyone having the opportunity to purchase a book with all the memories of your Family Reunion.

Not having a Family Reunion? That’s ok I’ll bet you are celebrating a family birthday! Whatever I can do for a Family Reunion I can do for a Birthday Party plus it adds lots of fun to the event. I am a pretty silly girl so I am told I double as a clown 🙂

So let’s make a deal, you all make the memories and I will capture them for a lifetime!

Mom 90th 005 (Side 5)     Mom 90th 011 (Side 11)     Mom 90th 020 (Side 20)          #34  8x10 matte




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