Pet Photography / End of life

When we think of Pet Photography we usually think about dogs who are running playing or posing their cute selves but there is another area of  Pet Photography I want to talk about today and that is when our darling pet is coming to the end of their life. Maybe you haven’t ever had photographs taken of your pet and now you wished you had. Or maybe you just want those last shots of you and your pet before they head to the Rainbow Bridge. I do that kind of photography.

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I come to you and it is a short 45 minute session in your home or  nearby park in your neighborhood if you would rather go there. My goal is  to make this session as comfortable for your pet and you as possible. The cost for this session is only $75 plus cost of prints. Whenever I work with families who are about to lose a very important member I always feel honored to be the one to capture those last images.  blog 1

I hope you are not currently in that position but if you are or you know someone who is please give Photography by Audrey Rose a call. I know you will be happy you did.    If you have never had photos of your happy healthy pet then I urge you to do so. I promise that every time you walk  by one of these photographs in your home you will smile and treasure them always! Please consider Photography  by Audrey Rose for all your photographic needs.



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