Take better photos of your children

Taking photos of children can be easy or tricky depending on the child. Best advice….go with it. We all have ideas in our heads of the perfect photograph of our child or in my case my clients child or children. But, it doesn’t always go as planned.
For instance I recently did a photo session with my grandchildren and my little two year old granddaughter wanted nothing to do with it. There I was with these amazing shots in my head but oh well, time to wing it.  So I just started shooting at whatever she and her brother were doing. With  a little editing or not I got some really great photos! So when you head out to get some great shots of your children and they don’t want to behave, instead of forcing the issue or resorting to bribes go with it. Forcing never works anyway you just get defiant fussy kids.  Then everyone is frustrated and a good time can be ruined.

If you are lucky enough to have a child who loves the camera then blessings to you as you are very fortunate, but again, once in a while you might just go for the candid. The one where he or she is not even aware you are there. These are the photographs that really make the  memories, the ones where kids are just being themselves.

Some extra tips:Watch the light, where is it and is it causing harsh shadows on their faces or is it highlighting their hair or are you in the shade which usually works great as long as the background is not to bright. If you do have a bright background use a  flash. Most cameras on automatic will adjust the exposure for the brightest light in the scene so  if the background is really bright the child or person in the foreground  will be in shadow. I am sure you have had that happen before as we all have. Just remember the flash on your camera and use it to fill in light when you need it.

Watch the background in your photos is it cluttered and distracting to what you see in the viewfinder? If so it will be distracting in the actual photo. You can always move and change the angle that you are shooting from. Most cameras have a portrait setting which will be a great help if you have no choice and must get the shot, crazy background, or not.

These are just a couple of tips to help you take better photos of your children. If this seems like to much work, call me, I would be happy to take those memorable photos for you. I have included  some of the shots I took with my grand kids while they played so you can see what I mean.

If you look at the first photo here it is a really cute picture of my granddaughter holding a plumeria. It was cropped out of the 2nd picture with my grandson, which while cute really doesn’t work. Individually they do work.

  blog 3 blog 4

blog 1 In this kissing photo Jayden asked his sister for a kiss. . She marched right up to him and planted one and I was right there ready !  It is so stinkin cute! This is a candid keeper! I wish you great success in taking better photos of your children!

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