How To Take Better Photographs


When you pick up your camera to take family photos do you think about what you are doing or do you just point and shoot? Here are some ideas on how to take better photographs of friends and family. These are things I do as your family photographer along with a host of other things as well as having an awesome camera. Hope this helps you improve your photo taking skills.

 1. Rule of thirds-imagine dividing your frame into thirds like a tic tac toe  game. Positioning your subject at the intersection of those lines will  break up symmetry and result in a more artful and compelling photo

2.choose the right background-simple backgrounds are best for subjects with busy patterns. Or use your “portrait” setting on your camera to blur the background. This will focus attention on your subject.

Make sure the background in your photo doesn’t interfere with your subject and take attention away. Always watch for trees and poles etc that protrude from your subjects head.

3.Showing perspective such as things in the distance always looks better when you include something in the foreground. Horizontal vs Vertical-my pet peeve!!! Use your camera in the vertical

position when photographing subjects that are vertical. Use it on the diagonal to create interest!! The best time to shoot a vertical is right  after you shoot the horizontal!!!

4.What is the story you are telling? Exclude extraneous stuff either when you shoot or in your computer by cropping. Bringing the subject up close adds intimacy and emotion to your story.

8x10 matte

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