Family Photos

Families come together at this time of year and taking family photos is a big part of the festivities. But, how do you capture a great family photograph? First of all choose a backdrop that wont fight with the folks in the shot. For instance don’t pose everyone in front of the large decorative mirror in the living room. First of all not only will you have a photo of the front of their heads but the back as well not to mention the flash back from your camera will reflect in the mirror. Choose a nice neutral place. You may use the tree as a backdrop but I would shoot both with lights on and lights off so you can see which one looks better. Or choose a beautiful garden backdrop outside.

Here is a very important tip: Take many photos of the same pose. Why? So that you have at least one where everyone looks good and everyone’s eyes are open. If you are the one taking the photo be sure you have everyone’s attention so you don’t have Uncle Joe looking out the window and grandma whispering in grandpa’s ear. Change poses around too if the relatives are still cooperating. If they don’t understand why one shot isn’t enough explain to them as I have to you and that you just want a beautiful photograph to celebrate the occasion.

If you don’t think this is going to work out for you then call Photography by Audrey Rose and schedule a session while everyone is in town! I still have a few dates open- 760-473-0352sayler proof

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