Citizens of San Diego and Their Special Stories

I have been wanting to do something special with my blog and I finally figured out what that is. I am going to use this forum to put the spotlight on the Citizens of San Diego and their special stories. Some of them may be past clients but

many of them will be folks I meet out and about. I would love it too if you out there would recommend folks to me, someone who you think is outstanding or someone who has been a mentor to you or someone you know who just has an interesting story to tell.

It can be anyone, a teacher, a friend, family member etc. I as Photography by Audrey Rose, will take a few photos of this citizen and interview them for a post on this site. I hope it grows into something really special. This will be a  place to honor

people who do special things or just have an interesting story to tell. Your contributions to this endeavor are very important as I cannot do this by myself.  So here goes with the first Citizen of  San Diego and her special story.

Her name is Sabine and she is a past client of mine. Sabine is the mother of three and a Marine wife stationed at Camp Pendleton. I was chatting with Sabine and she told me that she was about to become a Surrogate  Mother. I was intrigued and wanted to know more. Sabine and her husband decided to help a couple who could not have children to have not their first child but their third child. She told me that most surrogates help folks who have never had a baby to have one which left out those who have one and want another. Sabine is a selfless person who has thought this through to the max. I mean talk about sacrifices.She and her husband sacrifice for our country every day and now are sacrificing for another family  to give them a precious child and for that reason Sabine is my first Citizen of San Diego to be recognized for her special story!

sabine                                                                                                                                                                                    Sabine is pictured here with her husband and 3 children


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