My Photographic Roots

Thought I would step outside the proverbial box and take a look back at  my photographic roots!  As you may or may not know I started out in the Nature photography world which took me on so many adventures across this great land of ours. Since we just had a huge blizzard in the east over the weekend I chose a couple of snowy photographs to share with you going back to my photographic roots in February 1998. My sister and I belonged to a group called Great American Photography Weekend. A great guy by the name of Bill Fortney ran these workshops. We learned so much and had a great time while capturing great images. This particular trip was a week long adventure in snowbound Yellowstone. It snowed everyday we were there, almost a whiteout from sun up to sun down!  Still, we had a memorable time and made memorable photographs!

Last blog I talked about light, well this was one of those times that light was at a premium. I mean, we were there so we just went for it. The first image of the barren trees caught my eye as we hiked around a corner. I guess no one else noticed it as they kept walking but I stopped to capture this image and I have to say, to this day it is one of my favorites!     The second image is of a Bison reclining in the snow. He turned his head and looked at me just as I clicked the shutter. (The white streaks across his face are tiny snow flakes falling)   Did you know that Bison use their face to plow the snow out of the way to get to the grass below?

I hope you enjoy these images and my stories  as I take a look back at my photographic roots.  I will post more of my photographic roots next week with more stories. If anyone is interested, these images are available for purchase in many different sizes. Contact me at for more information. See you next week! Audrey
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