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Photo apps! So important to me as a grandmother trying to be sneaky about getting shots of my precious  grand daughter. You would think my being a professional photographer it would be easy. But here is the thing, she doesn’t like her photo taken!  This is the year before she goes to preschool so I am caring for her many days during the week. I was going through the photos on my cell phone and realized just how many adventures we have been on so far.  She is a very bright 3 1/2 year old with a wonderful sense of humor but, is not all that often in the mood to have her photo taken much to my chagrin,  I have been working on her and she is getting a little better but only when I use my cell phone and sometimes I have to be sneaky about it.

What does this have to do with photo apps? Well, I will tell you, the theme is always photography. I have so many folks who  are gun shy about showing me the photos they have taken whether it be family or vacation photos. Nonsense I always tell them. Yes, professional photographs are wonderful to have and in my opinion everyone should have them but what we take with our cell phones or personal cameras captures a different element of your life that unless you drag a professional photographer around with you all the time you would miss out.

Today’s cell phones are loaded with different settings much like a regular camera not to mention there are so many photo apps available in the app store that if you just take a little time to learn what the capability of your cell phone camera is and you add a couple of photo apps you will be amazed at what you can do and you will be excited to share your photos with everyone including me.

A few of my free favorite photo apps are Cymera which is great for a quick  photo edit, collage making and some cool frames. I also like Super Photo! Talk about being creative it will blow your mind the things you can do with this app and it’s free!   Photo Editor is also another good one so check it out . Below are a fraction of some of the things you can accomplish with photo apps.

These photos are part of a precious year with my special grand daughter and my dog Sasha.  In September when she goes to pre school I will be designing an album for her to have as her very own using the photos I have taken during this precious year with her. I will be using photo apps on my cell phone to make interesting photos for her new book. I already made one for her that is called Daddy and Me. It is her favorite book and she has it memorized.

So get out there and take great photos not just your selfies but photos with the folks who mean the most to you. Friends, family, teachers etc. Then see what you can do with them and save them to a cloud so you will always have them. I save mine automatically to Drop Box so they always make it to my desk top computer.

Album design is one of the products I offer to my clients. The cost for an original 12×12  one of a kind book (no templates are used)  is $310. It will hold up to 60 photos. There is an additonal cost of $10 a page if you want more photos in your book.  So if you don’t have the time or desire to create an album, give me a call, I will be happy to create a special memory book for you!


For this photo I used Cymera and added a frame. You can also edit the photo itself in all kinds of ways.



For an example of photo editor I added a soft vignette, many other things you can do with this app

photo editor


The Super Photo app is one of my favorites so here is a collage of just a fraction of what you can do with it.

Super Photo 1



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