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Citizens of San Diego and Their Interesting Stories

This month I am featuring a wonderful woman who has always been devoted to Community Service and her name is Susan Harris. While this story is about Susan, it’s more about her dogs and their contributions.  In 1997 Susan was introduced to a woman who was a breeder of  Golden Retrievers. This outstanding breeder donated dogs to several service dog organizations and from this breeder Susan got her first golden who she named Jasmine. As Susan was raising this cute golden puppy she read up on Animal Assisted Therapy and when Jasmine was old enough they went to Therapy Dog school which is a 6 week program followed by a test, in this case it was with Pet Partners, Jasmine passed with flying colors. In 2002, Susan and Jasmine went to Create-A-Smile Animal Assisted Crisis Response training which was held at the Los Angeles Police Department

Shortly thereafter Susan and Jasmine started the reading program at both Carlsbad City Libraries. On Friday evenings the children come to the library in their PJ’s to read bedtime stories to the dogs. They also established a reading program for Autistic and special needs children at Hope Elementary school.  As word about the reading program spread,  Susan and Jasmine were invited  to start a reading program with the first and second grade children at Mission Estancia Elementary School. These programs are fabulous as the children are highly motivated to read to the awesome dogs who participate and who hang on their every word. They also visited patients in the hospital, worked with children and adults during their physical and occupational therapy sessions, visited individuals in nursing homes, retirement and residential facilities.

In 2001 Susan came to love another Golden Retriever puppy who she named Denali. Those of you with dogs know all about socialization, well, Susan went way farther with Denali by taking him to Police Stations, police on motorcycles, Fire Stations, pet stores, outdoor malls etc. This was to train him to tune out all other distractions and focus on Susan. When she felt he was ready, at the age of 1 -1/2, they tested with Pet Partners, and he too passed with flying colors, no surprise there! In 2005, Denali went to HOPE Animal Assisted Crisis Response Training, which was held at the UCI Medical Center Campus, and they became a certified team with this national organization.

Susan would alternate jobs with each dog so as not to wear them out. What is HOPE Animal Assisted Crisis Response?

HOPE Animal-Assisted Crisis Response is a national all-volunteer, non-profit, crisis response organization with specially trained handlers (psychological first aid, incident command, etc) and canines trained and tested for crisis response work. Agencies call upon HOPE AACR teams to provide comfort and support to people affected by disasters. Scientific evidence has shown animals are a positive factor in helping people cope with traumatic events. HOPE AACR teams are educated to be effective and professional while working in stressful, unpredictable environments.

Jasmine passed away in 2008 and Izzy came into their lives in 2009. Izzy another golden was a CCI or Canine Companion for Independence dog. Well she was in training anyway, but she preferred to play, and therefore was released from the program.  Susan adopted her at 18 months old. She had to be her Mommy for 6 months before she could test to be an  Animal Assisted Therapy Dog.

As an Animal Assisted Therapy Dog  Izzy has  been working for 6 months with a 4 yr old child helping him with balance, mobility, muscle strength and speech. How did Izzy do this. Interacating with Izzy by throwing the ball or brushing her, dressing and undressing Izzy in her vest, collar and leash or just plain ol walking her helps with all of the skills mentioned. He learned to give Izzy basic commands which helped his speech.

In 2010 Izzy went through the HOPE program and she passed wonderfully just like her Jasmine and Denali had. Susan didn’t tell me this but I know the reason her dogs are so wonderful and perform so well is the love, training and dedication that Susan has given to them.

Strangley enough the weekend that Izzy passed with HOPE Animal Assisted Crisis Response Susan got what’s called a “Call Out”. There had been a shooting at Kelly  Elementary School in Carlsbad California. Several days later Susan had Izzy and Denali alternating to work that crisis. This crisis went on for many weeks as the children were so traumatized. The dogs were there to help them get over their fear of the playground as they were reintroduced to it, going into classrooms and going through depositions,  the dogs were their for all of it. The reason she alternates the dogs is to keep the stress level down. Dogs feel everything we do if they are near us.

There are so many shootings these days that there are many call outs for just those situations not to mention visiting Fire Camp. Fire Camp is set up at large fires. It is set up like a city, with huge trailers, where the firefighters go to take a shower, rest, eat, debrief, and come together for meetings.  They miss their families and their dogs so visiting dogs bring them comfort and give them a taste of home. Sometimes the HOPE Animal Assisted Crisis Response teams up with the Red Cross and other crisis response agencies where they will work with displaced families, such as the Oso, Washington mudslides, where the teams worked along side Green Cross.

Impressive isn’t it? Now you see why I have featured Susan and her dogs. Denali passed away Jan of 2015. She is currently working with Izzy,who carries on the legacy of Jasmine and Denali. She hopes that one day she will bring another golden boy into the fold to help Izzy carry on the family tradition.





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Military Families photographed by Photography by Audrey Rose


Memorial Day Weekend is here! As we honor our Service Men and Women past and present I want to share just a few of the Military families that I have had the honor of photographing. Photography by Audrey Rose says thank you for your Service!

memorial day2

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Maternity, Newborn and Toddler Photographer



I love to help folks and with my specials and I hope I do just that. This time I am offering a special to help parents having a baby or already raising one. Babies cost a lot of money so I am hoping my specials here give you those much desired photos while not becoming a huge burden on the ol wallet. Referrals are greatly appreciated so if you know of someone who would love either maternity photos or newborn photos or both please pass this along.

Mothers ad2

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lyfpasssidefinal-1180x630This months story is about a very special woman whose name is Dawn Celapino she is the founder of Leash Your Fitness here in San Diego. I sat down with Dawn to find out how she arrived at this place in her life. First of all Dawn is a wonderful, vivacious, full of life person that you just can’t help but like. I met Dawn years ago through our love of dogs and we became instant friends. But enough of that, let me tell you all about her.

Dawn studied Kinesiology at San Diego State which I know helps her in her fitness training today. somewhere along the line Dawn chose to become an X-ray tech  as well as a Corporate Fitness Trainer.  In 2005, sadly, her dad  passed away, several months later she got Jack her little Cairn Terrier dog who is named after her Dad. Jack became her inspiration. She didn’t want to leave him at home so he went with her to her fitness classes. One weekend she took Jack hiking in Mammoth Lakes she knew then that Jack was her soul mate and so he later became the Mascott for Leash Your Fitness.

Slowly Dawn adapted her classes to the  outdoors and started including dogs. In 2008 she teamed up with  Markham Pet Resort holding classes only on Sundays. Dawn did that for about a year but during this time Jack was always her constant companion. She took him hiking, camping, kayaking,  paddle boarding and anywhere she could. In 2009 Leash Your Fitness was born. Little by little Dawn’s business grew organically just as she had wanted.  Leash Your Fitness is designed for you and your dog to get in shape together. Dogs learn self control and have a great time working out with Mom or Dad. Her classess now include not only boot camp but all those activities she has enjoyed with Jack plus a lot more.

Dawn has been featured on TV news shows, Animal Planet and other shows repeatedly and often, but the main point I want to make is how she has helped so many folks  here in San Diego  find a healthier way of living. People of all ages have changed their lives, lost weight and found a balance of diet and exercise. This is Dawn’s passion for sure and she is contagious. You meet Dawn and you just want to get out there and do it. Mind you she runs this fantastic company, teaches classes and still works as an X-ray tech.  I am not sure where she gets all this energy but I will say this, she is as inspiring as it gets!

Now, if all this weren’t enough Dawn has had a dream that she is now fulfilling and that is to introduce her workout with your dog program (Leash Your Fitness) to folks around the country. She recently purchased an RV that she calls Spirit and with the help of her boyfriend Jim had it decked out with graphics and photos promoting her journey with Jack as she travels the country for 10 weeks teaching classes in different states. “There are so many people that think the only way to exercise your dog is to take them on a walk” says Dawn. She goes on to say ” I want to introduce people to another way a way in which everyone gets a fun healthy workout”

Remember I mentioned Jack as Dawn’s soul mate? Well Jack has an important job on this adventure as she has named it “Jack’s Journey USA” You can follow them by logging into  once there it will forward you to the travel blog so you have the opportunity to take this journey right along with them.

When Dawn and Jack return she plans to write a book which should be a good read. Knowing Dawn it wouldn’t surprise me if she ends up donating a portion of the proceeds to some animal charity, she is just that kind of person.

Dawn began this journey on the April 28th, 2015 with great excitement. Not only will she be teaching classes across the land but she is looking forward to enjoying this great country of ours. You will find a schedule of classes on

Photo of Dawn and Jack jumping hurdles which is featured on the side of Spirit (RV) taken by Photograhy by Audrey Rose

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I met Michael and Renay some years back when they asked me to take some photos of them with their beloved dogs. So when we met I was struck at the love between them as it was palpable. I could tell that they had a true partnership and supported one another without question. Then there is the relationship with their dogs, I’m just sayin…. You will never find 2 people more dedicated to the welfare of animals then Renay and Michael.  That’s when I fell in love with this couple. At the time they had 2 dogs,  Bizket who is a Chihuahua and a white boxer named Abby. In the time I have known this amazing couple they lost their wonderful Abby and then adopted Mair Mair. Adopting Mair Mair was a lengthy procedure. They discovered her by volunteering through Villalobos Rescue Center which is featured on Pit Bulls and Parolees shown on Animal Planet. You see Mair Mair is a huge but loveable pit bull with some medical issues and was having trouble getting adopted. Renay and Michael went every weekend to the shelter in LA to spend time with her and the other dogs there. They did this for a solid year. Through FB they managed to raise $1200 for Mair Mair’s surgery to remove fatty tumors that were all over her body. This was originally part of her make over to help her get adopted.

This experience taught them just how valuable the volunteers are at shelters. They also fell in love with Mair Mair and decided to adopt her themselves. Let’s just say that was no easy task! Their landlord said no way so they set out to find a place to rent that would allow them to have Mair Mair. It took quite a while but they persevered and finally found a place just a few doors from their then current address. They broke a 3 year lease to be able to do this. That is how commited to Mair Mair they were. Mair is such a silly sweet girl and a perfect fit for this family. She is also a great ambassador for her breed.  They recently added to their family a Himalayan Dumbo Rat named Geffie. Renay just couldn’t resist. When they can, they also foster abandoned kitties. I think if asked they would have a hard time turning anyone away and at the very least would find someone else to help out.

Michael is a Lt. Commander in the U.S. Navy and as a helicopter pilot once flew with the Royal Navy and deployed with them during the Gulf War. Michael also spent 4 years in a squadron involved in drug opps in Columbia. Their mission was to take down drug smugglers. He will be eligible to retire in 2 more years.

Renay has been working her fingers to the bone attending Vet school to become a Forensic specialist working to solve crimes involving animals, she studies long hours. Michael is her strongest ally and supporter but this is a goal they are both passionate about. In my opinion this is kin to studying to be a doctor and is no easy task.

So did I mention how passionate they are to animal causes?  In case there is any doubt, there are many weekend evenings you will find them at Moonshine Flats in San Diego with Renay entering a Dance contest hoping to win some cash for the animals. Michael  and Renay are a wonderful couple with a great story therefore they have been selected to be this months “Citizens of San Diego with a Special Story”

I met them to take some photos for this article but I love the pics they have taken themselves as I think it really backs up all I have said about them. (click on picture to enlarge)

photo of the week2


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Spring Time Special at Photography by Audrey Rose

Spring is just about here Ya! Time for some Springtime family photos. I have lots of beautiful locations for you to choose from. Spring time Special……… Includes your session plus an 11×14 all for only $190 Regular price is $255 You will love your family portrait from Photography by Audrey Rose!

photo of the week36

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Photography by Audrey Rose Photo of the Week

Families large and small fill our hearts with love and joy!

When the family is together over Easter it makes for the perfect opportunity to have that very special family photograph taken. I can safely say you would cherish your Photography by Audrey Rose portrait  always.

photo of the week33

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Photography by Audrey Rose is a family and pet photography business. Every week on Facebook I feature a Photo of the Week chosen from recent photography sessions. If you would like to follow my Photo of the Week feature  click on  and while you are there please “like” my page! I hope you enjoy the photos I present and if you are a budding photographer I hope you gain inspiration too.

I wanted to do something special with my blog, something that really mattered so as of last week, once a month I will be featuring Citizens of San Diego and their stories. If you know someone living in San Diego with an interesting  story  I hope you will nominate them to be featured. Simply email me at  with their info and yours so I know how to contact you both. I am really excited  with this project and hope it really turns into something wonderful! With your help it will. The next post featuring a Citizen of San Diego will be the last week of March so stay tuned!


PAST PHOTOS OF THE WEEK There are many more on my Facebook page!



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Citizens of San Diego and Their Special Stories

I have been wanting to do something special with my blog and I finally figured out what that is. I am going to use this forum to put the spotlight on the Citizens of San Diego and their special stories. Some of them may be past clients but

many of them will be folks I meet out and about. I would love it too if you out there would recommend folks to me, someone who you think is outstanding or someone who has been a mentor to you or someone you know who just has an interesting story to tell.

It can be anyone, a teacher, a friend, family member etc. I as Photography by Audrey Rose, will take a few photos of this citizen and interview them for a post on this site. I hope it grows into something really special. This will be a  place to honor

people who do special things or just have an interesting story to tell. Your contributions to this endeavor are very important as I cannot do this by myself.  So here goes with the first Citizen of  San Diego and her special story.

Her name is Sabine and she is a past client of mine. Sabine is the mother of three and a Marine wife stationed at Camp Pendleton. I was chatting with Sabine and she told me that she was about to become a Surrogate  Mother. I was intrigued and wanted to know more. Sabine and her husband decided to help a couple who could not have children to have not their first child but their third child. She told me that most surrogates help folks who have never had a baby to have one which left out those who have one and want another. Sabine is a selfless person who has thought this through to the max. I mean talk about sacrifices.She and her husband sacrifice for our country every day and now are sacrificing for another family  to give them a precious child and for that reason Sabine is my first Citizen of San Diego to be recognized for her special story!

sabine                                                                                                                                                                                    Sabine is pictured here with her husband and 3 children


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Head Shots San Diego

They say a first impression is lasting. Same goes for Head Shots. In every avenue of life you want to make a good impression and some times the first impression will come from your head shot. It is important that it reflect who you are. With Photography by Audrey Rose you have a choice of studio, outdoor on location or in your office.

If you are one of those people who aren’t comfortable with a camera in your face, no worries as I have worked with many folks like you. I will teach you how to get that great headshot that shows the warmth in you as opposed to that frightened deer in the headlights look.  When shooting head shots we always have a lot of fun which is reflected in the images you choose. So whether you are a corporate president, a lab tech, a real estate agent or a model let Photography by Audrey Rose be your choice for head shots. Call for more information so I can design your  session   to your specific needs. Reasonable prices. 760-473-0352

IMG_60871a                                                                                                                                                                                                                 personal trainer

30471  5x7 matte (2)                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Model

IMG_44921_pp                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Corporate

IMG_45191_pp                                                                                                                                                                                                                             Corporate

IMG_14731_pp                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Vet Tech

drake center 001 (Side 1)                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Veterinarians

IMG_87191_pp                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Real Estate Agent

IMG_87811_pp IMG_60311acrop                                                                                                                                                                                                               Corporate President





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