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My Photographic Roots part 3

Hi Everyone!

My photographic roots began pretty much with the trip to Canyon De Chelly that I  promised to share with you! My sister Carol was very  instrumental for the kick in the pants to go after my life long dream. With that borrowed camera I mentioned last time, Carol, a Photography Instructor and a few other folks, we set off for Canyon Del Chelly in North East Arizona. This land once occupied by the Anasazi is now home to the Navajo. We hired a Navajo guide and his pack horses to explore the canyon. Not only is it a beautiful place but it is home to literally hundreds of prehistoric Indian sites including many spectacular cliff dwellings and rock formations. You will also find if you look hard enough the beautiful and telling rock art of the Anasazi who lived in the canyon for more than a 1000 years. In A.D.1300 the Anasazai  people abandoned their Canyon stronghold and other groups began to contribute the the canyon rock art.

I think my mouth was hanging open the entire time I was there. As a novice photographer I was learning in the field and loving it. That is when I truly began to learn how put together the pieces of the puzzle that make a great photograph.

I have included 2 photographs here. One is of White House Cliff Dwelling and the other is an example of the rock art found in the area.

Unfortuntley shortly after this trip I went to meet with the instructor to evaluate the images I had taken. Everything was on slides. After my meeting I went to Nordstrom. When I came out my car was in the process of being stolen and in fact they did get away with it. The car was later found by the authorities but it had been stripped and my most of my slides had been destroyed so I only have a few left. Guess I need to go back! 🙂  I hope you have enjoyed visting my Photographic Roots, I know it has been fun for me too! Thanks for reading!


Of all the places I have been before and since this place, Canyon De Chelly remains the most unforgettable! For more information look for the book Canyon de Chelly It’s People and Rock Art by Campbell Grant.

page 1081




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