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thank you

As I sit here getting my desk and files organized for 2016, I find myself so very grateful for all my clients. Not only those from 2015 but all of you going back to the beginning.

I want you to know that I truly enjoyed working with you and I feel honored to be chosen as your family photographer!

I would appreciate it if you would please refer me to your friends whether it be for family photos, maternity, kids, kitties, or dogs, head shots, or company photos; it would be my pleasure to make beautiful and memorable photographs for them!

If you are ready for new photos of your loved ones, please give me a call. I would love to see you again as I have the best clients in the world!


Let’s make beautiful memorable photographs together!

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Family Photos

Families come together at this time of year and taking family photos is a big part of the festivities. But, how do you capture a great family photograph? First of all choose a backdrop that wont fight with the folks in the shot. For instance don’t pose everyone in front of the large decorative mirror in the living room. First of all not only will you have a photo of the front of their heads but the back as well not to mention the flash back from your camera will reflect in the mirror. Choose a nice neutral place. You may use the tree as a backdrop but I would shoot both with lights on and lights off so you can see which one looks better. Or choose a beautiful garden backdrop outside.

Here is a very important tip: Take many photos of the same pose. Why? So that you have at least one where everyone looks good and everyone’s eyes are open. If you are the one taking the photo be sure you have everyone’s attention so you don’t have Uncle Joe looking out the window and grandma whispering in grandpa’s ear. Change poses around too if the relatives are still cooperating. If they don’t understand why one shot isn’t enough explain to them as I have to you and that you just want a beautiful photograph to celebrate the occasion.

If you don’t think this is going to work out for you then call Photography by Audrey Rose and schedule a session while everyone is in town! I still have a few dates open- 760-473-0352sayler proof

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How To Take Better Photographs


When you pick up your camera to take family photos do you think about what you are doing or do you just point and shoot? Here are some ideas on how to take better photographs of friends and family. These are things I do as your family photographer along with a host of other things as well as having an awesome camera. Hope this helps you improve your photo taking skills.

 1. Rule of thirds-imagine dividing your frame into thirds like a tic tac toe  game. Positioning your subject at the intersection of those lines will  break up symmetry and result in a more artful and compelling photo

2.choose the right background-simple backgrounds are best for subjects with busy patterns. Or use your “portrait” setting on your camera to blur the background. This will focus attention on your subject.

Make sure the background in your photo doesn’t interfere with your subject and take attention away. Always watch for trees and poles etc that protrude from your subjects head.

3.Showing perspective such as things in the distance always looks better when you include something in the foreground. Horizontal vs Vertical-my pet peeve!!! Use your camera in the vertical

position when photographing subjects that are vertical. Use it on the diagonal to create interest!! The best time to shoot a vertical is right  after you shoot the horizontal!!!

4.What is the story you are telling? Exclude extraneous stuff either when you shoot or in your computer by cropping. Bringing the subject up close adds intimacy and emotion to your story.

8x10 matte

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Family Reunions and Birthday Celebrations Photographed

Summer time is the perfect time of year for Family Reunions! It is also the perfect time to get those hard to get family portraits. I have already booked several for this summer so if you are  reading this and the light bulb just went off in your head. Give me a call and lets get you booked!

Some awesome ideas are to have everyone wear the same color shirt. Going a step farther you could have those shirts printed with the title of the  folks to be photographed, such as Dad, Mom, Grandpa, Grandma, daughter, son, grand kid etc. It could make for a very original photo. Or have everyone wear a different color shirt. Your group shot will look like a box of crayons! You are also welcome to dress up. Whatever you wear just keep it simple as we want the viewer of your photographs to be drawn to your faces not what you are necessarily wearing.

When I work with large families I also break then down into smaller groups so that everyone walks away with that treasured photograph.

You can hire your photographer to come in just for the posed shots or why not have them for the day to capture all those amazing candids.

One of the products I offer is a 12×12 custom designed, printed and bound photo album. Each album I design is an original I do not use templates.  Just imagine everyone having the opportunity to purchase a book with all the memories of your Family Reunion.

Not having a Family Reunion? That’s ok I’ll bet you are celebrating a family birthday! Whatever I can do for a Family Reunion I can do for a Birthday Party plus it adds lots of fun to the event. I am a pretty silly girl so I am told I double as a clown 🙂

So let’s make a deal, you all make the memories and I will capture them for a lifetime!

Mom 90th 005 (Side 5)     Mom 90th 011 (Side 11)     Mom 90th 020 (Side 20)          #34  8x10 matte




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