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How Did They Get That Photo? Kids

How Did They Get That Photo?  Last time I talked about getting thee shot of your pets. This time I want to discuss how to get great shots of your kids. It’s really simple. Almost the same way I capture the inner spirit of your pets. Trust is the first order of business. Again, before I arrive I have given a great deal of thought as to how I am going to get that photo of your  child. You may not realize that when you are working with me but I always try to be  prepared. I try to find what they are into and then we chat about it while I am working with the family. I will snap some posed pics while we are chatting but usually the shots I like the best are the ones taken when they are just being themselves. Like your pets, parents, when viewing their proofs, will smile and laugh when they see their child’s image just as they see them in life.

Teenagers are another matter. I can tell a mile away when someone arrives with a teen that thinks this is all just lame! That happens often. I don’t make an issue of it but I do quietly let the parents know I get it.  From there I work with the family on their posed shots chatting with everyone including the teen trying to ascertain what they are into and trying to get their vibe. Sometimes they want to take a quirky photo or pose themselves and I oblige and sometimes they come out awesome and  sometimes it is thee shot! The end result is a smiling child being themselves!  I love working with kids, big or little. They are inspiring and beautiful and full of life. I learn from them every time.

Light is of utmost importance as light is one of the primary elements of any picture whether it be a painting or photograph, Landscape or  portrait, human or animal. Light is what makes the image.  Having said that I cannot predict the light so I may use a flash or reflector to help out and sometimes the light is just plain flat. I am one of those photographers who is willing to reschedule if the light is awful. I want my clients to be happy.  When you are taking photos be aware of the light and how you want to use it to get that shot!

Below are some shots I have taken of children. Some are with their families and some are not. See if you can figure out what each one of these kids is about. Some will be easy to figure out some not so much. They all posed themselves or were caught being them.

Have fun out there taking pics and if you take one you would like me to see, send it to me. I’d love to see it!IMG_40291

63321 16x20 canvas

2728 2 8x10_s matte

8568 5x7 matte
5550 5x7 matte


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thank you

As I sit here getting my desk and files organized for 2016, I find myself so very grateful for all my clients. Not only those from 2015 but all of you going back to the beginning.

I want you to know that I truly enjoyed working with you and I feel honored to be chosen as your family photographer!

I would appreciate it if you would please refer me to your friends whether it be for family photos, maternity, kids, kitties, or dogs, head shots, or company photos; it would be my pleasure to make beautiful and memorable photographs for them!

If you are ready for new photos of your loved ones, please give me a call. I would love to see you again as I have the best clients in the world!


Let’s make beautiful memorable photographs together!

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Let Kids be Kids!

I work with children all the time with or without their parents in the photos.  I’ve found that parents, as they head out for their session tell their kids to be good and smile and  do what the photographer tells you to do. For many kids that puts too much pressure on them to “perform”. My theory is to make it fun, who wants to sit still and smile! With small children I am able to get the most amazing shots while they are just being themselves. No expectations other than fun fun fun.

Parents are encouraged to bring along some props. Maybe a favorite doll or book. Sometimes we play with bubbles. A favorite dump truck for a little guy at the beach makes for great pics.  I like to play with the kids and if they are really shy I encourage them to come over and check out my camera. It’s funny but sometimes that can be the ice breaker we need. When I’m photographing kids I make a total idiot of myself. I make funny noises, I sing songs (I’m really bad but they don’t care), I make fish faces, I play peek-a-boo behind the camera.  After all that playing and getting awesome shots of them they will usually cooperate and settle down allowing me to get beautiful photographs of the family.

The most important thing for parents to remember is to relax. It’s all going to turn out great. You just have to trust me. Because when it’s the parents turn to join in a tense irritated face is not going to work so just go with it and have fun fun fun. Kids are the ones that have life the right way around, it’s us adults that ruin it. Let them be kids, let them have fun. I will be ready to capture it when it happens.

Now teenagers is a another thing! Often they think this family portrait thing is “lame”! They too have probably been told to shape up and smile, darn it!

I like to find out what they are interested in and work from that angle. By talking to them and letting them know I am interested in them as people really helps a lot. I will play along take a shot of them dancing on the sand or jumping off the cliff (make that a short short cliff) whatever floats their boat and in that way I gain their trust. Trust is what it is all about with a tween or teen. Sometimes I have to ignore them and work with another family member until they do something that gets me to turn my camera on them and then they are mine as we have made that connection. Sometimes I will have a stubborn one help me out by holding a reflector for me.They usually get interested in what I am doing and then I have them! I never ever want to force someone to pose because it will fail every time. So let’s get out there, have fun and make some magic!

I know some of these photos look posed but I assure you that all of these children featured here were just doing their thing when I took the shot! Their parents were thrilled and so was I. 
IMG_5454 4438 2- 5x7_s matte 4773 5x7 matte  blog 3

IMG_13612 63011a 11x14 matte IMG_40291

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Maternity, Newborn and Toddler Photographer



I love to help folks and with my specials and I hope I do just that. This time I am offering a special to help parents having a baby or already raising one. Babies cost a lot of money so I am hoping my specials here give you those much desired photos while not becoming a huge burden on the ol wallet. Referrals are greatly appreciated so if you know of someone who would love either maternity photos or newborn photos or both please pass this along.

Mothers ad2

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Valentine Photography Special

Happy New Year Everyone! Hope your holidays were fantastic and that you are all geared up for a wonderful 2015, may it be a stunning one for you! Now we dust ourselves off and look at our calendars only to see Valentines day swiftly approaching. What to do, what to do, for those special people in your life. Well I think I have the answer so check out the flyer below. It fits the bill for everyone. I am offering a Valentine Photography Special. The pre special value is $230 but you will only pay $90. Read on to see the details and what it includes.

Photography by Audrey  Rose

Enjoy a romantic and fun filled photo session with your love. Make a date out of it!  Ladies, it’s ok to give hints, big hints!  

Guys that special woman in your life will love this way more than candy and flowers. And wouldn’t this be a great opportunity to pop the question!

Valentines Day is about all kinds of love so this special is great for families, or kids, or grandparents too! You decide!

Here are the details:

A normal 1 hour photo session is $150 which does not include photos.

For this Valentine Special your price is $90 and includes 1 8×10 (value $45) and 1 5×7 (value $35)

Book before the end of February and you may use it anytime in 2015.

Pay the $90 with credit card  by phone to hold your reservation.


0713 5x7 matter

0746 8x12 matte

0729 5x7 matte


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San Diego Family Photographer

Here are some of  the wonderful families this San Diego Family Photographer has worked with over the past few weeks. As a family photographer I have had a great time working with these terrific folks and their children. We have such breathtaking places to shoot here in San Diego. Since almost all of my sessions are held outdoors and since I am a San Diego Family Photographer I am grateful for the beauty that surrounds us.






FB 7



FB 3



FB 2



FB 1

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Kids Photography


I am so excited to announce my first  annual Christmas Mini Session. Start thinking about what super adorable outfit your kids are going to wear!  These fun sessions are going to be filled with music, laughter  and possibly a candy cane…or two.

I will be holding these session at my studio in Carlsbad, Ca. 

Mini Sessions are ONE DAY ONLY on Sunday November 23rd.  Spots are very limited and at ONLY $99 these sessions are going to fill up fast.





drake santa 2012 062 (Side 62)

Santa will not be making an appearance and no dogs please!

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Take better photos of your children

Taking photos of children can be easy or tricky depending on the child. Best advice….go with it. We all have ideas in our heads of the perfect photograph of our child or in my case my clients child or children. But, it doesn’t always go as planned.
For instance I recently did a photo session with my grandchildren and my little two year old granddaughter wanted nothing to do with it. There I was with these amazing shots in my head but oh well, time to wing it.  So I just started shooting at whatever she and her brother were doing. With  a little editing or not I got some really great photos! So when you head out to get some great shots of your children and they don’t want to behave, instead of forcing the issue or resorting to bribes go with it. Forcing never works anyway you just get defiant fussy kids.  Then everyone is frustrated and a good time can be ruined.

If you are lucky enough to have a child who loves the camera then blessings to you as you are very fortunate, but again, once in a while you might just go for the candid. The one where he or she is not even aware you are there. These are the photographs that really make the  memories, the ones where kids are just being themselves.

Some extra tips:Watch the light, where is it and is it causing harsh shadows on their faces or is it highlighting their hair or are you in the shade which usually works great as long as the background is not to bright. If you do have a bright background use a  flash. Most cameras on automatic will adjust the exposure for the brightest light in the scene so  if the background is really bright the child or person in the foreground  will be in shadow. I am sure you have had that happen before as we all have. Just remember the flash on your camera and use it to fill in light when you need it.

Watch the background in your photos is it cluttered and distracting to what you see in the viewfinder? If so it will be distracting in the actual photo. You can always move and change the angle that you are shooting from. Most cameras have a portrait setting which will be a great help if you have no choice and must get the shot, crazy background, or not.

These are just a couple of tips to help you take better photos of your children. If this seems like to much work, call me, I would be happy to take those memorable photos for you. I have included  some of the shots I took with my grand kids while they played so you can see what I mean.

If you look at the first photo here it is a really cute picture of my granddaughter holding a plumeria. It was cropped out of the 2nd picture with my grandson, which while cute really doesn’t work. Individually they do work.

  blog 3 blog 4

blog 1 In this kissing photo Jayden asked his sister for a kiss. . She marched right up to him and planted one and I was right there ready !  It is so stinkin cute! This is a candid keeper! I wish you great success in taking better photos of your children!

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Preparing for your Child’s Smash Cake Photo Session

I always speak with  the parents in advance of a session to see if they have a particular vision for their babies smash cake session. Together we coordinate backdrops and outfits. I have some headbands, tutus’ and bloomers if the parents just couldn’t find the right thing.   It is important to know the outfit ahead of time so that backdrops/props/location can coordinate with the look that the parent is going after.  If the parents decide to go for diaper only, a diaper cover is something to consider.It is best for the parents to make or purchase the cake as it will help keep costs down. I like a white cake ( please use whip cream as it makes a better mess and is easier to clean up)  with some colorful accents. A number candle is a great addition and something for the baby to play with and use while smashing.

I like to start with a clean baby and a different backdrop then the one we will be using for smash cake. It gives the baby a chance to get used to the camera and me. I make it fun so the baby thinks this is a great game. I have this big orange orangutan that hangs with velcro around my neck and works nicely to get the babies attention.

Finally we get to the main event, the smash cake! Some babies will dig in and smash with great enthusiasm  while others will daintily with one finger dip into the cake and gently lick their finger. If that is the case a little encouragement is offered up. I will even have Mom smear some of the frosting on the baby to get things going. Some babies think this is hysterical others get a quzzical look on their faces. Patience. Patience Patience and I have lots of it.

I have quite a selection of backdrops to choose from but for the floor I use a white plastic tablecloth that way at the end I simply roll it all up in the table cloth and into the trash it goes.
I am lucky enough to have a full bathroom close to the studio so at the end we scoop the baby up in a towel and into the bath they go. This is also another chance to get some amazing head shots.

Isla 2

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There is more to a successful photo session then just showing up with a smile. I first want to say this is all for YOUR benefit!

Grooming is first and foremost very important. Men should have a hair cut about a week before the session so that they don’t have that just cut look. Same goes for women. Plan the timing of your hair cut and or color so that you look your very best. Wear a bit more make up then normal as we tend to wash out in photographs. If you don’t wear make up then I suggest you at least wear some mascara and a soft color lip gloss. I promise you won’t look like a clown it ‘s just to show of your features in their best light.

The selection of proper clothing for your session is a critical factor in the preparation for a successful photo session. If the clothing is noticeable in a portrait, it could easily become distracting. Your beautiful faces are the focus so it could be the difference between a very successful portrait and just another picture.

Dark clothing tends to slenderize, darker clothing helps to blend the bodies with the background so that the faces are the most important part of the photograph. Dark colors tend to slenderize and light colors seem to add weight to the bodies. Colors should be toned down as bright colors attract attention away from the face.  Colors should be dark and not bright. When choosing lighter colors please avoid pink tones and yellow tones.

Prints or patterns as well as logos  no matter how small become a big distraction. Wear long sleeves if possible.  dark socks and shoes are very important. I won’t say long sleeves are a must especially for the women but it does help. Lay your entire wardrobe out on the bed from top to shoes.   I know it sounds hard to figure out what to wear so I have included a couple of examples.   4665pp see attached notes If you notice this photograph is beautiful but look at the two with short or sleeveless and then look at those with long sleeves.You will notice whose faces  immediately pop.  Again this is a beautiful photograph of this family I am just showing you the difference between long sleeves and not. The choice is yours in the end.

Keeping a group in similar colors focuses the attention of the portrait to the faces and individuals that make up the portrait. Dissimilar colors in groups tend to be more distracting. White tops with khakis or jeans can look very nice and casual, but if anyone in your family is super pale, white can make pale skin look paler.

Jeans are the timeless choice and they’re great for fun, casual pictures because they are flattering and don’t show wrinkles or panty lines.

See the example below then compare it to the one above. This shows you exactly what I am talking about in regard to prints and continuity of colors. Again this is a beautiful family photograph but there are some distracting elements. I recognize that sometimes we have children who aren’t really happy to sit for a photo much less wear what we as parents want them too, you might consider yourself lucky they even show up  so don’t stress if they refuse to conform. We will work with what we have and I will strive to give you the most beautiful of family photographs.

example 1

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