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Caution: Rattle Snake Season

Rattle Snake Season

Rattle snake season is in full swing.  Our furry friends will naturally be very inquisitive and a wet nose inches away from a rattle snake is sure to get bit.  It is VERY IMPORTANT to rush your pet to the vet ASAP.  Keep your vet’s address in your car’s navigation system or glove box as well as information on a 24 hr. facility.  Keep the phone numbers handy so you can phone on the way to advise the vet what is going on. The Doctor will ask you what type of snake it was so be prepared to give a description.

What does a rattle snake sound like you ask?  It sounds like a hissing noise or a locust. You can go to this link to see and hear one…

Snakes are not usually aggressive unless threatened. They prefer to stay away from you but when a dog runs up to see what it is, it will more than likely get bit.

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Family and Pets

Thought I would take a break from photo editing and touch base with my blog followers. First of all Photography by Audrey Rose is now on Yelp which is something I have been meaning to take care of for some time. If you have worked with me in the past I hope you will visit Yelp and leave a review, hope it’s a good one 🙂  Been having so much fun with my clients which is nothing new as I have the greatest clients around. Here are some of the families 2 legged and 4 legged  that I have worked with  recently

4621 please fix neck on male 4665pp see attached notes   IMG_4873   IMG_4813_pp   4676b 5x7 matte

Looks like I will be working with a newborn this week  also an older dog and I hope to see you Sat at the Encinitas Street Fair. I will be in the Dog Zone taking photos at the Drake Center booth so stop by and have your pets photo taken. You can be in it too!

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Dog Safety in cars.

Thoughts! This morning I went out to an appointment. As I was entering the freeway there was a woman in a car next to me. Her adorable poodle was in the back seat in her/his car seat but not tethered to it and his/her body was half way out the window! I almost got sick to my stomach. Not only could the poor cutie come flying out that window but  he/she could have some kind of debris fly into the eyes. Yesterday I was headed to the dog park ahead of me a truck rounded the corner with his gorgeous Husky in the back of the truck (again not tethered) with his paws up on the side panel. As he rounded the corner the dog lost his balance and fortunately fell back into the truck. What is the matter with people! We seat belt ourselves in our vehicles why would anyone not do the same for their dog. I am reposting  on my blog an old article I wrote years ago with some sobering statistics.  I hope you will read it and if you know anyone who allows their dog to be unsecured   in a vehicle I hope you will pass it along and have some fun with it by using the pledge sheet below.

While it is admirable for us to love our pets enough to take them along in our vehicles, it is also our obligation to do so safely. In fact, many states and provinces now require that pets be restrained.

An unsecured pet is a potential danger to anyone in your car, other motorists, rescue personnel, and himself. In the event of an accident at 30mph, a 15 lb dog can cause an impact of 300 lbs. A 60 lb. dog can produce a 2700 lb. impact. With this equation the dangers to the driver, passengers and dog are obvious. There are other concerns, however, should the dog be unharmed he could impede the rescue workers by reacting fearfully and protecting his injured family. A dog could also escape from the vehicle potentially causing another accident or he could get lost and injured later.

A secured crate/carrier is the leading recommendation for traveling with your pet. For crate trained animals it also offers familiar surroundings and the added convenience of a place to sleep when you reach your destination. Even a pet that is not accustomed to being confined can usually adapt to a crate for travel quite easily.

An alternative to a secured crate is a restraint harness that locks into a seatbelt. These are available in a variety of sizes and styles It is best to use one with metal buckles as plastic ones may break in a collusion. For small dogs if you don’t like the idea of a crate you can use a seat that secures the dog so he does not become a flying missile and also gets him up high enough so he can see out which allows him to ride and sleep comfortably and enjoyably just make sure you purchase one that is large enough for your dog to lay down in.

A pet barrier for SUV’s and wagons is considered the least desirable alternative to using a secured crate. While it keeps the pet from entering the passenger area, it does not protect the animal from injury or other potential hazards. Some tension suspended barriers have also been known to dislodge in an accident.

Whatever restraint system you choose with a little training and practice your pet will learn to enjoy their safe mode of travel.  Remember travel is anywhere you take them whether it is down the street, over the hill to grandma’s house or across the country.

seatbelt dog2


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Photography is My Passion

Have you ever wondered where and how photographers got there start? My clients ask that question of me all the time. So I thought I would take the time to tell you the story of how I got my start.

I was always interested in taking photos even as a child. My first camera was a brownie followed by various improvements through the years. I would work on my compositions and chased the right light but they just never came out as I intended. The years flew by and I was busy raising  children and working in the corporate world with every intention of “some day” getting serious about photography. One day I got a call from my sister Carol who excitedly told me she was studying photography with a professional photographer in San Juan Capistrano  and that a field trip was being planned to Canyon De Chelly in Arizona. I told her she was living my dream! I mean not only photography but going to visit Anasazi Indian ruins with a Navajo guide on horseback! I mean WOW really?!  I am fascinated with American Indian history and well I have already said I wanted to learn photography! She urged me to come to the classes and go on the trip as well. Now I was still raising teenagers at the time and did not have the proper equipment but with her urging. I borrowed a camera took those classes and went on that trip! It was amazing and changed my life. After that there was no turning back. Carol and I continued our studies, I purchased professional equipment a bit at a time and we attended workshops all over the country that took place in our beautiful National Parks. Through those workshops we were able to study with such great photographers as Art Wolfe, Galen Rowell and many others.Not to mention the fun we had, oh my do we have stories! We photographed not only beautiful places but all kinds of wildlife too. It was amazing!

As the years went byCarol shifted her interests to wedding photography and I moved to Cape Cod  where I opened a gift shop gallery.In my gallery I sold my beautiful photographs, photographs I had taken on all those wonderful trips as well as amazing images of Cape Cod. When I moved back home to Carlsbad I felt it was time to stop schlepping my gear all over the back country, (not too safe for a gal by herself) and redirect my focus. I knew I still wanted to be a photographer and that for the most part I wanted to be out in nature doing it. Since I had photographed wildlife I felt pets was a natural transition and so My Puppy Dog Tales was born. I found I was really good with pets and very adept at bringing out their inner spirit. Very quickly my business expanded as families wanted to be included. I was having such a great time working with fabulous pets and their wonderful families that I decided to expand again and again. This past year I changed the name of my company to better reflect my current business and so I became Photography by Audrey Rose. Of course Audrey is my name and Rose was my recently passed Mother’s middle name. You will see a butterfly in the logo because my Mom loved them so much. Anyway I setup a studio, did a lot of studying, purchased more equipment and have added newborns and babies to the mix. If you have not visited my website please do so and you will see all the types of Photography I do such as engagement, seniors, expectant parents, pets, babies and children, families and while it is not particularly mentioned, I also do corporate work as well as head shots. But if you want to take me with you on your fabulous vacation I would be more than happy to photograph you in the amazing scenery of your trip!

No matter what or whom you have me photograph rest assured that  you will be in good hands as photography is my passion. Together we will make beautiful photographs that you will treasure forever!

white house

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Pet Photography

Pet Photography is not only so much fun but it is an opportunity to see what makes your pet tick. I love to discover their personalities in an effort to produce photographs that make you say “OMG, Finnegan gives us that look all the time” or “that is so like Finnegan.”   When that happens I am overjoyed as I know I have done my job.

Here is an awesome shot of Finnegan that I took recently. He was loving the park, isn’t he cute?


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