At Photography by Audrey Rose you will find a photographer who wants to work with you throughout your lives capturing all those special moments from dating to engagement, to kids and pets and to those beloved family photos and lets not forget your precious grandparents!

I am passionate about photography and I love people! I believe you should be able to build a relationship with one photographer who will take care of your photographic needs for life.


Homepage-Photo-PetsI am crazy about animals and love to capture their inner spirit. I believe they should be captured in their natural setting being themselves for the most part. Cats and dogs are leashed if need be in my sessions as safety is my first concern. Leashes are then removed in photo shop on the photos you choose to purchase. This service is complementary. I have several locations for you to choose from but am always open to suggestions for new locations. You may have multiple pets photographed together but I do charge extra for anything over 2. Usually with horses I will come to you unless you choose to trailer your horses to another location.

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San Diego Romatic PhotographyEngagement is such a special time, one that should be captured in beautiful romantic images. We work at sunset to capture that perfect light. Of course anniversaries also fall into that category. Why not have a photo taken every year on your anniversary. How cool would that be!

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Expectant Parents:

San Diego Expectant Parent PhotographyI work with expectant parents about 6-8 weeks before delivery. We can work in the studio or on location. You may choose to be partially nude but that is up to you. I would never ask you to do anything you are not comfortable with. I make every effort to capture your feelings about this special time.

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San Diego Newborn PhotographyNewborns should be photographed no later than 3 weeks of age. I am a grandmother need I say more! When I get to aim my camera at a baby, well it is pure heaven. Newborn shoots take 3-4 hours as I move very slowly with these delicate little souls so baby doesn’t wake up which allows me to pose them as I choose. I may play soft music and because they spend a good amount of time in their birthday suits, if need be, I have a space heater running to keep them toasty. I always encourage my Mommies and Daddies to bring favorite outfits, headbands and props. We take time out for feedings, changing, crying and any unforeseen events. Your time with me will be peaceful and calm but also fun. There is no rush for this and if you have a fussy baby we will work through it. I normally work in my studio with newborns and have many adorable backdrops, props and such.

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Babies and Children:

San Diego Child PhotographyTogether we will choose whether it is best to work in the studio or on location. Again fun is always happening. Bring favorite outfits, chairs or anything that has meaning. Babies, especially when they get mobile have to be worked with quickly as they will determine the length of the session. They always let us know when they are done and there will be no question about that. Kids that are a bit older will usually go with the program until they become teenagers then having their photos taken can just be a drag. With those kids I will try and find out what interests makes them brighten and go with that. I haven’t failed yet. When choosing a wardrobe for a small child you will have more leeway to make those choices yourself. For the older kids let them choose their outfits (within reason) so that they feel like themselves we will get much farther if that happens. If they play an instrument let them bring it, or if they want to be photographed with their pet by all means lets do it. I customize each session to fit my client’s needs and personalities.

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San Diego Family PortraitsDon’t forget the family can include the dog so let’s all get together and take some amazing photos. All my family sessions are on location either at the beach or park or elsewhere. Again we will work together to coordinate a fabulous family photo, one that you will be proud to display for years to come.

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Photo Books:

I have in the past designed Photo Albums for wedding photographers so it was natural for me to offer Photo albums for my photography clients. Everyone loves this idea and I love designing them. I don’t use templates so every book is an original. I can use the photos that I have taken or ones you have taken or a combination of both. They are a wonderful addition to your coffee table as you share them with friends and family.

I have had clients have me design memorial books for the past pets and or parents. I can also create beautiful memory books for special occasions. Anything from trips to the zoo, anniversary and birthday parties and family reunions, whatever you decide. Of course I am also available to photograph these events. I have had clients who have ordered over the years and have quite a few albums. One woman has albums of each of her dogs, vacations and her trip to Hawaii with her Mom.

I know there are lots of sites that offer do it yourself books with templates but how many years have you been telling your busy self that you will get to it one of these days. Well, I am here to help.