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How Did They Get That Photo?

You ever look at photographs and wonder “How did they get that photo?” Well, I’ll tell you, sometimes, depending on what a photographer is shooting it can takes weeks of preparation.  For me, if the location is new I try to check it out, see how many different backdrops I can use. Trees, a pond, flowers, hillsides, cliffs etc. Then I have to figure out the lighting and what time of day is best to shoot there. Most often for me I know the different locations I like to use and my clients will defer to me on which one is best for them. All of my favorite locations continue to inspire me. I may think I know all the different backdrops and lighting situations and then I will discover a new one. If I am going to shoot at the beach, conditions and tides are of utmost importance. For instance I am to photograph 2 boxers playing in the surf tomorrow but I am watching the weather, beach conditions and tides. Will it be windy or cloudy (which I love) or will it be extremely bright and flat (doesn’t make for the best photos). These are to be action shots for a very large print. I have spent a lot of time thinking about how I will set up the shots depending on the possible light situations. I have spoken to the owner about her dogs and do they follow direction or are they just “free spirits”. I need to get both dogs with good expressions coming at me together in perfect light to capture the perfect image. Sounds tough? You are right, it can be! I will shoot probably 300-500 images.This is an exciting shoot for me as I am all about capturing the inner spirit of your pets however that may be presented. Working with animals is not an exact science so you really never really know what they may surprise you with. I am prepared and also have a more controlled plan B, if the dogs don’t cooperate in the surf.  For now it is till up in the air  if we re doing it at all depending on the weather, we may have to reschedule. At this point, unless it is raining, I am ready to go and will leave it up to my client. Hopefully the final images will have folks saying “How did they get that photo?”

Other times you turn around and they just give you the gift of that perfect photo!


kitty in tree 8x10 matte
42951 11x14 matte

43161 5x7 matte!”


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