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The Rainbow Bridge Welcomes Two More Beautiful Pets

I recently spoke about end of life photos of your pets and the service that I offer regarding those end of life photos. As fate has it, in the past couple of weeks  I have worked with 2 different families and their beautiful dogs . Ryder who has already gone over the Rainbow Bridge and Emily who is heading to the Rainbow Bridge .  I wanted to take a moment to pay tribute to these wonderful dogs by posting their photographs. Ryder started out with a family who loved him but when the new baby arrived who turned out to be terribly allergic, Ryder was banished to the back yard. His parents felt so badly that they asked friends of theirs who had recently lost their lab if they would take him in. They didn’t bat an eye and brought Ryder right home where he was a huge part of a loving family. I spent one evening with Ryder and fell in love. It was to be his last evening. Editing his photos without a lump in my thoat has been most difficult. Emily has been with her family from the start and given and received so much love. She is now fighting cancer and it doesn’t look good for this precious little Bichon girl. So I am praying for her and hope you will join me.    These are two of the sweetest, sweetest dogs and I am honored that their families chose me to take these precious photos for them.

Ryder  Emily

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Caution: Rattle Snake Season

Rattle Snake Season

Rattle snake season is in full swing.  Our furry friends will naturally be very inquisitive and a wet nose inches away from a rattle snake is sure to get bit.  It is VERY IMPORTANT to rush your pet to the vet ASAP.  Keep your vet’s address in your car’s navigation system or glove box as well as information on a 24 hr. facility.  Keep the phone numbers handy so you can phone on the way to advise the vet what is going on. The Doctor will ask you what type of snake it was so be prepared to give a description.

What does a rattle snake sound like you ask?  It sounds like a hissing noise or a locust. You can go to this link to see and hear one… www.desertusa.com/video_pages/du_rattle1.html

Snakes are not usually aggressive unless threatened. They prefer to stay away from you but when a dog runs up to see what it is, it will more than likely get bit.

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