The Experience

The Photo Shoot:

When shooting on location I shoot primarily in the late afternoon or early morning as the light is softer, however, that can change depending on the location, fog, marine layer,wind and rain. The time and date could also change depending on the weather so please keep that in mind. Try to arrive early so as not to feel rushed. I want this to be a relaxing time for you and your family.

Studio sessions can be held most any time of the day. I use my studio for newborns, babies, small children, or head shots.  I have a large library of adorable backdrops for the little ones so I have the ability to be very creative with my scenes and if you so choose I can match them to your life style as well.

Photographing Newborns and Babies:

I usually work with Newborns and babies in a studio environment. Especially newborns as we need to keep them comfortably warm with no drafts as they are naked a good portion of the time. These sessions usually last 3-4 hours. Why you may ask. We always take breaks for feedings, fussy babies and anything unforeseen.
When I work with newborns and babies I move slowly taking great care as I place them how and where I want them. This is also an effort to keep them relaxed and sleeping if necessary. Trust me when I say it is totally worth the extra time. I have lots of great backdrops and props too. While I do have a few outfits I highly encourage you to bring whatever you want and that includes props as well. We will be discussing all this prior to your session and will have a game plan before we begin.

Photographing pets:

I photograph all pets on location in a natural setting. It is my opinion that this type of environment showcases your beautiful pets in the best way possible.

On the day of our session together, please bring your pet to the location early so as to acquaint them with the new surroundings. There are lots of great smells and things to excite them. So if you bring them early then hopefully by the time we start shooting they won’t have their curious noses stuck to the ground.  If you have a particularly high energy dog you should definitely wear them out during the day or at least take them for a good long walk first. You will be glad you did. Safety is my first concern when working with pets so if your pet must stay leashed that will be fine as I offer a complimentary leash removal on your purchased photos. I do this in Photo Shop, but, I do not remove a harness so if you don’t want that or their tags to show then please have them wear a neck collar without tags.

I prefer standard 6ft leashes in a neutral color because bright colors like red are very difficult to remove in Photoshop. Retractable leashes are not allowed at my sessions.

Photo Preview:

We will schedule a convenient time in my office about 2 weeks after your session for all to preview the photos from the photo shoot. First you will be presented with a slide show which is the beginning of the selection process. Please give yourself plenty of time as this process can take a while. It is my goal that you leave the proof appt. confident with the choices you have made.

Think about where you would like to display your photos. If you plan to display them on a wall then please bring the wall measurements. Do you need gifts for family members. A list of your needs will greatly help with your decision making. This will be a very fun experience so bring the members of your family who will be involved with the decisions.

Please plan to leave small children and pets at home.

Types of Paper:

I use several types of paper all of which are Archival quality.

For Standard photographic prints a high quality Fuji or Kodak paper is available in matte or glossy finish. Fine art papers are high quality cotton papers used for either Water color prints or actual canvas prints.